May 16, 2003

THE WASTE of our time

THE WASTE of our time has returned. Hail Margo, proclaimer of river visions!

I don't believe it! Simon Crean, back against the wall, announces an old-fashioned Labor nation building investment in our great Murray-Darling River. Wow!

Howard's done nothing, despite his commitment to act after he received the Wentworth report in November. I wrote back then that Labor had lost a marvellous chance to get on the front foot - to assert a positive role for government on an issue of the utmost importance to our nation's future. But Howard's subsequent inaction (the government has stood still for six months and there wasn't a cent in the budget to address the issue) gave Crean his chance. And he's taken it, and at a time when, after terrible drought and bush fires, Australians are ready to listen and to applaud. Granted the policy is not big bang, but it's a start.

It will put Howard on the back foot for a change and inject a bit of policy substance into Labor's leadership battle. At last!

Pathetic. And this is the last time I link to Crazy Margo, whose bosses are probably way too impressed with the hits she receives. I'm usually among her top five referrers; no more. Let her survive on hateclicks from the anti-Semite Michael Rivero.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 16, 2003 04:31 AM