May 12, 2003

"AUSTRALIANS, Americans, whatever ... ":

"AUSTRALIANS, Americans, whatever ... ":

Three of the Bali bombers whose attack on a nightclub last October killed 202 people have boasted of the crime, dismissing their victims - including 26 from Britain - as sinners.

"The Sari club was a place of adultery," said Ali Imron, the bomb-maker, in an interview with The Sunday Times last week. "In short, it was a place of sin so it deserved to be demolished."

The club was chosen because the bombers thought it would be full of Americans, they said. In the event, seven Americans died while 89 victims were Australian. "Australians, Americans, whatever - they are all white people," Ali said.

No cultural relativism from our friend Ali. At least we now know why they hate us: We're white, and we sin.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 12, 2003 01:50 AM