May 11, 2003

IN THE comments following this

IN THE comments following this Jane Galt post on Norman Mailer's unbelievably pissy response to Dennis Miller, Michael Ubaldi tells a story:

Dennis Miller is one hell of a man. My buddy, while working crew at an interview with Miller in LA was inspired by the last segment before a break; Miller was talking about his early days as a young comedian and looked back fondly at having the courage to walk up to Andrew Dice Clay and compliment him.

The first segment ended; my friend couldn't get his mind off of the words Miller said. Miller is, apparently, extremely intimidating in person. "Looks like he hasn't slept in days" and is so razor-sharp that "you know that if you say something he'll have a better comeback."

My friend is, as luck would have it, conservative (social libertarian bent, but hey). He likes Miller and wanted to let him know. Inevitably, a moment came where no one was around him.

My friend walked up to Miller.

"Dennis?" he asked. Miller gave him a weird look.

My friend continued. "I just wanted to say that I'm proud of your support for President Bush."

Miller stopped for a moment, then put his arm around my friend and said:

"Fuckin' no-brainer, kid."

Posted by Tim Blair at May 11, 2003 05:03 PM