May 08, 2003

BUYERS of this week's print

BUYERS of this week's print edition of The Bulletin in Australia receive a special treat - the first southern hemisphere publication of a Day by Day cartoon by Chris Muir.

Chris whipped up a 'toon - referring to Australian Prime Minister John Howard's visit to Crawford - for my column. A damn fine 'toon it is, too. Possibly you'll shortly be able to see it at Chris's site.

And the only payment Chris demanded (apart from several hundred dollars in cash) was Australian beer! And the link you now see to your left. Chris is one deadline-hitting, topic-nailing act. He'll be appearing in The Bulletin again.

UPDATE. Obviously, I'm far from the first to notice Chris's talents. One of the first to publish him, though. Hope he'll still speak to me when he's rich and married to Jane Pauley.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 8, 2003 12:51 AM