May 07, 2003


THE MELBOURNE AGE now has a blog. Displaying The Age's usual acute understanding of its audience, the blog is devoted solely to the television program Big Brother.

Before The Age's online forum on the program was closed (after only ten responses!) this is what readers had to say:

Big Brother is just another example in a line of awful home produced shows.

Who gives a stuff?

It's cheap, over produced, and hopefully dead in the water after this series.

Big Brother is for main stream follow the rest of the heard mindless zombies.

Are we that pathetic as human beings that we depend on a fictional interpretation of life (TV dramas) for entertainment?

The Age's pointless blog (is there a sponsorship connection or anything to justify it?) even uses an out-of-date brunette shot of newly-blondified BB host Gretel Killeen. The Age can't get anything right.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 7, 2003 04:54 PM