May 07, 2003

WARNING: the following news item

WARNING: the following news item contains concepts and ideas that may shock some readers. This website advises that a physician be present for the next four paragraphs:

Australian journalist John Pilger has won the 2003 Sophie Prize for his work in helping the public to examine the real causes of the war in Iraq.

In its citation, the jury said that over the past 30 years, Mr Pilger has contributed to uncovering the lies and propaganda of the powerful, especially as they relate to wars, conflict of interests and the economic exploitation of peoples and natural resources.

The panel has highlighted Mr Pilger's coverage of the Vietnam War and a recent documentary on the Palestinian situation, which it said shocked and provoked debate.

It says he assisted the public in critically assessing the true motives for the war in Iraq and its legitimacy.

Well, I guess that's sort of true, if we understand this to mean "Pilger presented the polar opposite of reality in such a way as to easily convince the public of the immediate need for total war." Congratulations to John on his Sophie. But will he ever win a prestigious Moxie or an Aimee?

Posted by Tim Blair at May 7, 2003 12:20 PM