May 07, 2003

GEORGE GALLOWAY'S whole world of

GEORGE GALLOWAY'S whole world of trouble is big news everywhere but at the ABC, which formerly gave the commie clown every available opportunity to rant about whatever stupid notion entered his small, flat head.

Since the story of Galloway's alleged Iraqi connections broke on April 22, however, the ABC has been noticeably silent. A brief wire story features on the ABC site today, but ABC radio and television seems to judge George's travails as not newsworthy.

The state broadcaster also fell mute when one-time Mr Popularity Scott Ritter became involved in a sordid Burger King teen-luring debacle. Our ABC: half the news, all of the time.

UPDATE. ABC radio in Sydney ran two sub-minute Galloway stories this morning - one during the 6:30am news and another during the 7:00am news. Wow, primetime!

And ABC contributor (he has no choice) Lew Bretz writes:

Mr Blair,

No wonder Media Watch has it in for you.

Are you suggesting that 2.8 seconds on the George Galloway story is a form of censorship to help the Left cover its embarrassment? I heard it this morning and yes, every last bit of detail that could be put in a 16 word sentence was included.

Bias? Hah!!!

And think of the many, many, many, many interviews Our ABC has had to conduct just now to fish out the reservations that all and sundry might have about the Governor General not resigning. If they couldn't invest the time to conduct this journalistic softening-up operation, how could they and like-minded media folk then run polls to ask people whether they think the G-G should go ahead and resign? What do you think they are, journalists???

Please let the ABC get on with its noble work and stop bothering them with all this fair-play nonsense, as if they somehow weren't being evenhanded outside the righteous spectrum ranging from Carmen Lawrence to Bob Brown.

If they didn't know why George Galloway's treachery was less important that Peter Hollingworth's good-faith error in his previous incumbency, they couldn't act as public servants, could they? And certainly David Marr, who's assured us he hasn't a left-wing bone in his body, wouldn't let them get away with an error brought about by anti-American or anti-Howard bigotry. Not that there's any of that about, of course ...

Posted by Tim Blair at May 7, 2003 11:18 AM