May 06, 2003

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS, state and federal,

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS, state and federal, dump $4.5 billion dollars every year on alleged arts and culture. Andrew Bolt presents a damning study of artistic tax mooching, including:

* $68,000 to send seven writers to live for months in Rome and Paris

* $321,000 to 11 literary magazines

* $22,100 to the Workers Cultural Action Committee

* $300,000 to send visual artists to live in Spain and Italy

* $40,000 for a "BioFeel" display of "Tissue Culture and Art" from a university's anatomy department

* $25,000 for a satellite-guided tour of Melbourne

* $12,000 for four musicians to create new songs with Arab lyrics

* $6000 for a CD of new work inspired by Brazilian choro music

* $89,000 for a dance-opera that tells the story of a doomed cosmonaut Viktor Khlebnikov

As an artist working in the medium of blog, I want in on this gravy train. Give me the free money!

Posted by Tim Blair at May 6, 2003 10:55 AM