May 02, 2003

BOOZE BACKLASH! The haters at

BOOZE BACKLASH! The haters at the Los Angeles Times are dissing Australian wine:

[The LA Times] lined up 10 Australian wines and compared them to 10 Californian tipples in the $US6 to $US10 ($10-$16) price range. The story, focusing on the phenomenal success Australian winemakers have had selling to the US, concluded that our producers should put a cork in it.

"The Australians aren't as good as they'd like to think they are," the paper said. "We know that because we put them to the test ...

"The Australian wine industry has worked feverishly to convince American consumers that its lower-priced wines are better than those made in California. But now the verdict from California is in. Sorry, Australia."

The disregard for the feelings of the Australian Street will not be forgotten. Expect bloody vengeance, as foretold in the Australian Koran. We will be victorious! Allan be praised!

UPDATE. David Janes writes to say “LA Times be wrong!”:

Hmmmpf, just spent lunch time splitting a bottle Cape Mentelle 'Tinders' 2000 (matched with a spicy Veal Parmigiana ) and it seemed OK to me. And this month's Wine Spectator cover is on Australian wines and the articles specifically talk about how much they're a better value than California wines.

So who you going to believe? The pasty, eyeless nightcreepers at the LA Times, all covered in fungus and reeking of decay, or the robust, massively educated and shockingly urbane judges at Wine Spectator? Your call.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 2, 2003 01:48 AM