May 02, 2003

MARK RILEY, political journalist with

MARK RILEY, political journalist with the SMH, has stern advice for the Prime Minister on the eve of his journey to Crawford:

It is a rare and crucial opportunity for Australia, through its Prime Minister, to articulate its candid views on the US blueprint for a new world order. It is a time to exercise the special relationship Australia has developed with the US to speak frankly about the inherent risks in the new US doctrine of pre-emption, its trashing of multilateral institutions and its assumption of an inviolable right to effectively colonise Iraq and reshape its political and economic character in a way that best suits America's strategic objectives.

Here's an idea, Mark. You run for office, you become Prime Minister, and then you can tell Bush exactly what you think. Howard's views are rather different.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 2, 2003 01:40 AM