April 30, 2003

AS SOMEONE of Scots ancestry,

AS SOMEONE of Scots ancestry, I deeply resent George Galloway reinforcing the stereotype of my people as miserly, cash-grafting, never-put-our-hands-in-our-pockets penny-mooching scum:

George Galloway yesterday launched an appeal to fund his high court libel battle against two newspapers that claimed he received money from Saddam Hussein's regime.

The beleaguered Labour MP urged supporters and sympathisers to back his court action.

"I expect we will raise a significant fund and we will need it, because it is a daunting undertaking, as I have discovered all over again," he said.

Galloway earns about $US110,000 per year for a weekly newspaper column, nearly $90,000 annually as a member of Parliament, and has previously scored more than $300,000 in lawsuit victories. And don't forget his Mariam Appeal, which raised $160,000 for the sick Iraqi kid but spent more ($200,000) on hiring inner-London offices. Almost $30,000 went to Galloway's wife, while George himself unloaded more than $400,000 of the appeal's funds on self-serving publicity visits (if that's all they were) to Baghdad.

And now he's playing poor and begging for cash. The man is unbelievable. My tartan blood boils.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 30, 2003 04:35 PM