April 30, 2003

MAYBE misguided peace protesters are

MAYBE misguided peace protesters are simply victims of tainted travel sickness tablets. Sufferers report an array of paranoid peacenik symptoms:

"You get images constantly being bombarded into your brain."

"You get nightmares but you're awake. It's non-stop. It's nightmarish, ghoulish, spiders and other things. You are almost clawing at your head to get them out of it."

"You don't have any control about what's coming into your mind."

"I was in ga-ga land. I sat up on a park bench getting these images coming at me."

"I was acting like a crazy man."

"She was very disorientated and had no balance ... next minute she was seeing things, asking crazy questions and couldn't walk straight."

"You don't get much control over them. You get thousands of images at one time. You would have to sit up all night and battle it. You get so tired."

Posted by Tim Blair at April 30, 2003 01:39 PM