April 28, 2003

CHARITY BEGINS at home. Specifically,

CHARITY BEGINS at home. Specifically, at
George Galloway's home:

The appeal set up by George Galloway to treat a sick Iraqi child spent more than 800,000 pounds on political campaigns and expenses, including a direct salary payment to his wife, the MP admitted yesterday.

Dr Amineh Abu Zayyad, Mr Galloway's Palestinian wife, was paid around 18,000 pounds by the appeal fund to "look after" Mariam Hamza, the girl who received treatment for leukaemia in Britain and America.

The charity spent 860,000 on anti-sanctions campaigns, expenses and administration, and only 100,000 on the kid. She was effectively used as a front for a propaganda operation.

Interesting to note, too, that Appalling George is still only threatening to sue the Telegraph:

He is threatening to sue The Daily Telegraph for libel and said last week that, if he discovered from his own records that he was not in Iraq at Christmas 1999, "the Telegraph will come down in flames". He has denied ever knowingly meeting Iraqi agents. But confirmation of his presence in Baghdad at the time of the alleged meeting has emerged.

It's not looking good for George. Then again, it never was.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 28, 2003 01:08 PM