April 28, 2003

THE WOGBLOGGER has this take

THE WOGBLOGGER has this take on the Hartford Courant editor who banned a journalist from blogging:

Dyareckon he would take that view if the personal blog was filled with "My boss is God. He is the bestest boss. Lovelove for Boss."?

"Lovelove for Boss". Journalists used to send me notes like that all the time back when I worked in offices. Also from Wogblog - a multicultural solution to the looting of Baghdad:

Someone do a stocktake of what's left in the museum, and from the museum but elsewhere in Iraq, so we can work out what stuff has to be recovered from the plunderers.

I am thinking a team of Italian and Spanish shopkeepers can do this job in a weekend.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 28, 2003 01:21 AM