April 27, 2003

EVEN crazy leftie junkie Will

EVEN crazy leftie junkie Will Self has his limits:

Shortly before British and American forces began rolling towards Baghdad, I was asked to appear at a Stop the War benefit at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

I had several reasons for declining, but not least of them was that George Galloway MP was to be one of the speakers. In fact, I made it a condition of my support for Stop the War that I wouldn't share a platform with the man.

Anyone who had paid attention to Galloway's pro-Saddam statements should have realised his motives for meddling in Iraqi politics were far from humanitarian.

No humanitarian could ever have sang hymns to the Butcher of Baghdad the way he did. Nor did Galloway's background in the Tammany Hall of Scottish Labour politics lead one to expect a character unsullied by greed.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 27, 2003 10:32 PM