April 27, 2003

A FINE IDEA from Mark

A FINE IDEA from Mark Steyn:

John Pilger can keep boring on about Vietnam until he's driven away every last Mirror reader, but to any sentient columnist the analogy is irrelevant: indeed, a canny newspaper would design a software programme that crashed a columnist's computer every time he typed in the word.

Of course, some columnists will require crash-words tailored to their specific needs:

Maureen Dowd: Alpha

Phillip Adams: John Howard

Hugh Mackay: Values

Adele Horin: Children

Peter Roebuck: Hamlet

Mike Carlton: Me, myself, I

Margo Kingston: Core values

Robert Manne: Let me explain

UPDATE: The Observer has obviously put Steyn's idea into practice. This US-bashing Terry Jones column contains not one single mention of oil - unlike most earlier Jones pieces. Now if they could just install software to make the lame bastard funny ...

Posted by Tim Blair at April 27, 2003 03:57 PM