April 25, 2003

A WHILE ago I received

A WHILE ago I received an e-mail from a young Hollywood actor who told how he had to conceal his pro-war views in order to avoid blacklisting by liberal McCarthyites. Now Matthew McConaughey reveals that he, too, is a dissenter:

McConaughey sees himself as a proud, patriotic American. He is glad the fighting in Iraq is over, is glad America went in there and got rid of Saddam Hussein. The hard, patient work is ahead, and "it's going to take a decade at least to reform, rebuild and stabilise that place.

"If the hard part's over as far as the fighting goes then this has been, in my mind, extremely efficient, and I believe that our commander-in-chief, George Bush junior, had his heart in the right place."

Susan Sarandon will have his legs broken for this. And Streisand will destroy his bongo drums.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 25, 2003 01:27 PM