April 25, 2003

JANEANE GAROFALO complains about tractor

JANEANE GAROFALO complains about tractor Nazis, the "C word" (calliope? cordite? cumulonimbus? Help me out here, intense midget lady), and awful vicious hate mail:

"There are boycotts and guys driving tractors over their CDs - that's Nazi stuff. If you are a woman with the temerity to speak out, then it's 'Burn the witch!' 'How dare you!' The C word comes up a lot in my hate mail. But that's more misogyny than politics. There's a lot of men who come out and yell at the women because they just love the idea of yelling at women - they hate women in general and will attack your looks and sexuality."

Janeane and I must share the same critics. Here are three recent inbox highlights:

"I hope you die you c---. I notice you daily blather of bile and shite gob right wing evil crap has disappeared. I hope it is because you are terminally ill with a painful debilitating disease which will kill you slowly and spread to all those dear to you."

"It looks you and your cadre of filthy war faggots will lose the peace if not the war! Fuck you very much, for getting us into this mess."

"You fucking arrogant c---."

That pesky C-word appears again and again! When will these witch-burning misogynists stop attacking my looks and sexuality?

UPDATE. Frank J. has more quality hate.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 25, 2003 12:10 PM