April 23, 2003

BRUCE C. WOLPE, ex-US Democrat

BRUCE C. WOLPE, ex-US Democrat congressional aide and manager of corporate affairs for Australian media company Fairfax (publishers of The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald), is sad and embarrassed:

It is astounding, and disgusting, but the way this war was conceived, and the diplomacy executed, meant the US and its allies lost a moral edge over the butcher of Baghdad in the eyes of the world, and it has not been recovered. There is no love for Saddam, but neither is there any for the US President.

This is an immense PR defeat, unprecedented since Ho Chi Minh gained ascendancy over LBJ in a war that was much more challenging morally than Iraq.

It is immensely sad to live overseas and have your country and President pilloried.

So tell Fairfax's journalists to quit it, Bruce.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 23, 2003 10:37 AM