April 22, 2003

THE SENSATIONAL peace poster prank

THE SENSATIONAL peace poster prank of '03 has ended with Ken Layne becoming Satan - as usual. No matter what crazy adventures the likes of Treacher, Layne, and Parrott get up to, Ken invariably winds up all possessed and demonic. It's like in every Scoobie Doo episode; come the final minute, there's always the horns sprouting and the flame pouring from the mouth and Shaggy eating someone's brain.

Maybe I'm getting Scoobie confused with another cartoon. Anyway, I would have chosen A. Beam's poster entry to win, had he submitted it. Or this, which was submitted, and which demonstrates that no matter how many people you kill or torture or starve, you're never as bad in a peacenik's eyes as the man from Crawford.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 22, 2003 03:06 PM