April 22, 2003

THE ABC website promises "investigative

THE ABC website promises "investigative journalism at it's best".

The ABC should investigate the number of semi-literates employed by the ABC. Over at Media Watch's Pound ("reserved for all those bungled headlines, miscaptioned photos and silly media stuff ups that add an unintended comic twist to your daily news") they're adding unintended comic twists of their own; Imre's surname is Salusinszky, not Saluzinsky.

Incidentally, Imre is also not Professor Bunyip. (I am partly to blame for this widespread belief, of course. Who can resist tormenting a goddamn Hungarian?) Half the staff at The Australian are convinced that Imre is the elusive Professor. In Melbourne recently, even old friends greeted him with "Hey, Bunyip!"

It's making him crazy. All Imre's denials are ignored. The little guy is tearing his hair out ... er, slapping his forehead in frustration.

People, take it from me. Imre ain't the Prof. Computer-wise, he doesn't know HTML from HREOC, or coding from codeine. He's a Hawthorn supporter, for Christ's sake.

As to the actual identity of Professor B., well, I'm not at liberty to say, except that I'm pretty certain he's never even met Imre, let alone inhabited his body. Time to drain the billabong, Bunyip hunters!

Posted by Tim Blair at April 22, 2003 09:53 AM