April 21, 2003

READER JENNIFER rejects my crude

READER JENNIFER rejects my crude slurs against the knitting community, and makes an extraordinary offer:

I am a knitter, though not a church goer. I want to make you a lovely hand-made gift, because I really enjoy your website, and would hate to have you believe all knitters are dullards and gossips. Please choose:

-willy warmer


-bed socks

Give me a little time, as I also knit bootsocks for the troops, and - sorry - they have top priority.

Bed socks are boring, but hell, I thought I'd give you an easy non-offensive option.

Hmmm. It is getting colder lately. A hand-knitted thong might be ideal. Hey, it works for Ray Smuckles!

Posted by Tim Blair at April 21, 2003 06:21 PM