April 21, 2003

THE SPECTATOR'S Stephen Glover on

THE SPECTATOR'S Stephen Glover on Robert Fisk's "dreadful war":

The Independent was less balanced, chiefly because of its near-total reliance on Robert Fisk, who must be the most famous foreign correspondent of our day. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I revere Robert. I can even claim to have been one of those who persuaded him, when in a different life I was foreign editor of the Independent, to jump ship from the Times. I often found myself defending Robert against the accusation made by Marcus Sieff, chairman of the Independent and an ardent Zionist, that our new star correspondent was biased against Israel. He is a brave and brilliant correspondent, and so it grieves me to say that on this occasion he has allowed his anti-Americanism to get the better of him, and has had a pretty dreadful war.

Even his old pals are against him now. Fisko Duck is playing a tune nobody wants to hear.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 21, 2003 06:19 PM