April 19, 2003

OUR BOYS are on a

OUR BOYS are on a roll:

Australian special forces have discovered more than 50 Soviet-made fighter jets, an underground weapons cache and a vast store of anti-aircraft guns and munitions at an Iraqi base west of Baghdad.

Australian commander Brigadier Maurie McNarn said a French-made Roland anti-aircraft missile system was also found, although it was too early to say when it was acquired and how. He also revealed that secret contacts with Iraqi air force commanders had played a big role in persuading them not to deploy their weapons against US-led forces.

About 200 Australians were involved in the raid. They came under fire as they landed but soon secured control of the base after a light presence of Iraqi forces fled when their fire was returned.

Fantastic work.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 19, 2003 02:30 AM