April 16, 2003


NICE PIECE in the SMH mentioning my TV pal Bryan Cockerill, who is actually much more unpredictable and chaotic than anything that appears on his show:

While Gibson does his character voices, sound wizard Julian Maskell interweaves them with sound effects and the video clips. Cockerill constantly peppers his commentary with "that's great!", "sensational!" and "perfection!"

During filming, he continues to bubble. "She was hot! That was incredible. Tell her how good it was," he says down the phone. He's talking about the show's new host, Toni Pearen, whom he calls "the glue that holds the show together".

If ever you imagine that TV is easy, you should go watch someone like Bryan at work. Fifteen tasks per second, all day long. Beats me how people do that.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 16, 2003 06:06 PM