April 15, 2003

SIMON CREAN is toast, as

SIMON CREAN is toast, as usual:

Voters are clamouring for Kim Beazley to regain leadership of the federal ALP, with almost four times as many voters supporting him over Simon Crean to steer Labor to the next election.

After almost 18 months as Opposition Leader, only one in 10 Australians wants Mr Crean to spearhead Labor's next election campaign, compared with 36 per cent support for Mr Beazley.

And even more damaging for Mr Crean is that only 13 per cent of Labor voters want him to remain at the helm.

Bob McMullan remains (publicly) hopeful:

The upcoming Federal budget process would give Opposition leader Simon Crean the chance to put Labor's position to the public, ALP frontbencher Bob McMullan said today.

And so does Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf:

"The people love the Great Simon and will defend to the exhaustion of their preference votes his right to create disorder out of harmony."

Posted by Tim Blair at April 15, 2003 10:39 AM