April 15, 2003

ANDREW BOLT refuses to let

ANDREW BOLT refuses to let the anti-war Left off the hook:

Recall just some of "peace" activists' predictions to show how they dreamed of a war in which millions died, and Iraqis greeted our soldiers not with kisses but bullets ...

ABC star Terry Lane wrote in The Sunday Age: "I want the army of my country, which is engaged in an act of gross immorality, to be defeated."

Phillip Adams gleefully wrote just two weeks before Baghdad's fall that the war brought "back memories of fiascos and failures -- from Vietnam to Somalia", and looked like ending with "a Stalingrad-style battle in the city".

SBS did much as you'd expect from a public broadcaster whose vice-chairman, Neville Roach, asked that "journalists . . . in every article, every editorial, every report, highlight the murder and mayhem that our nation is about to release".

Remember Carmen Lawrence predicting the death toll could reach 480,000, and our soldiers would be "complicit in mass murder"?

Bolt has further examples. Many cited said the same things about Afghanistan.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 15, 2003 10:22 AM