April 15, 2003

PAUL SHEEHAN is lately in

PAUL SHEEHAN is lately in no mood to take prisoners:

In Australia, the rearguard action of behalf of Saddam's regime was fought by Greenpeace. Within 12 hours of al-Sahaf's last stand on the roof of the Palestine Hotel, Greenpeace executed an ambitious public relations guerilla raid on the Australian Navy. Last Tuesday, as HMAS Sydney was leaving Sydney Harbour en route for duty off Iraq, where it will protect the shipping that will bring most of the humanitarian aid to Iraq, a flotilla of 20 small craft and motorised rubber dinghies broke through a cordon of water police craft and sailed in front of the warship.

One policeman was injured and 10 Greenpeace activists were arrested, including a Greens MP, Ian Cohen. What did Greenpeace want? Describing the war in Iraq as "illegal and immoral", Greenpeace issued this demand: "No more Australian troops should be sent to Iraq, and the ones that are there should be sent home immediately."

Al-Sahaf would have been proud.

I got the impression chatting to Paul last year that he'd had enough of idiots and was going to spend 2003 tearing them apart. Seems for once I may have been right.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 15, 2003 02:17 AM