April 13, 2003

THE ORANGE County Register has

THE ORANGE County Register has dropped Bill O'Reilly's column and the Herald-Sun in North Carolina has ditched Boondocks, both for similar ego-related reasons. Herald-Sun executive editor Bill Hawkins explains his decision:

What the syndicate sent us for publication a week ago Saturday was the Boondocks strip with a statement plastered over it that read:

"Special Boondocks protest strip! In order to express the outrage and the disappointment at the situation in the Middle East, as well as an upcoming movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr., in which the actor will undoubtedly shame himself and his race, today's installment of The Boondocks will not be appearing.

"Seriously, folks. Let's stop the madness. The Bush administration's hunger for war, and Hollywood's continued production of movies starring Cuba Gooding Jr., must be stopped. - Aaron McGruder"

Sounds to me like someone couldn't think of a funny strip that day. Hawkins continues:

As long as the strip was in context and characters were doing the talking, we were content to allow McGruder to work out on the edge.

This time, however, he pushed us over it.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 13, 2003 02:07 AM