April 12, 2003

THE SYDNEY Morning Herald's op-ed

THE SYDNEY Morning Herald's op-ed Fedayeen isn't coping very well with the removal of Saddam Hussein and the fact that they got everything about the war completely wrong. Here's Adele Horin:

This is no time for gloating. Saddam has fallen. Many Iraqis are relieved. But the world is no safer. Indeed, it is a scarier place ...

It is far too soon to gloat. As Saddam's statue toppled, people cheered around the world. A tyrant was gone. But if television had at that moment brought us images of Baghdad hospitals ...

It is obscene to gloat. No one in their right mind doubted a US victory in the shortest possible order ...

Many Iraqis are relieved? Go to hell, Adele. Hugh Mackay also believes that everything is now Much, Much Worse:

No amount of spin-doctoring can conceal the fact that thousands of lives have been lost, countless seeds of lifelong tragedy sown, and the geopolitics of the region and the world brutally altered.

One unpalatable consequence of victory in Iraq is that we are about to be offered a toxic brew of moral smugness and self-righteousness.

That's from Mr Moral Smugness himself. Remove Mackay's self-righteousness and what remained could fit inside a Tabasco bottle. Completing the SMH's howling loser triple play is crazy old Alan Ramsey, who has this to say about Australia's Prime Minister:

Howard, in his own way, is every bit the despot Saddam was ...

You might feel proud, Prime Minister, but I do not, and I venture to suggest very many of our fellow Australians feel exactly the same as me. And I don't give a toss what the opinion polls say.

Imagine the delight of these freaks if Saddam Hussein had prevailed.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 12, 2003 02:26 PM