April 10, 2003

SNEER QUOTES, insane exaggeration, bigoted

SNEER QUOTES, insane exaggeration, bigoted accusations of cowardice ... this Robert Fisk intro has got the lot:

The Americans "liberated" Baghdad yesterday, destroyed the centre of Saddam Hussein's quarter-century of brutal dictatorial power but brought behind them an army of looters who unleashed upon the ancient city a reign of pillage and anarchy. It was a day that began with shellfire and air strikes and blood-bloated hospitals and ended with the ritual destruction of the dictator's statues. The mobs shrieked their delight. Men who, for 25 years, had grovellingly obeyed Saddam's most humble secret policeman turned into giants, bellowing their hatred of the Iraqi leader as his vast and monstrous statues thundered to the ground.

I wonder what happened to those Iraqis who didn't grovel. Fisk should interview one. Via a spirit medium.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 10, 2003 02:14 PM