April 10, 2003

REACTION: IN A defining gesture


IN A defining gesture marking the end of Saddam Hussein's brutal 24-year iron rule, US Marines early today helped the people of Baghdad topple a giant statue of the dictator in the jubilant aftermath of American tanks rolling into the heart of the Iraqi capital.
- The Australian

JUBILATION AND wholesale looting in Baghdad yesterday signalled the end of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

- The Sydney Morning Herald

AMERICAN MARINES toppled a massive statue of Saddam Hussein in the heart of Baghdad early today as the 24-year rule of the Iraqi dictator collapsed in chaos.

- The Age

THE IRAQI president, Saddam Hussein, has joined Hitler in the pantheon of failed dictators, the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said tonight.

- The Guardian

IT WAS a moment as historic as the downing of the Berlin Wall or the massacre in Tiananmen Square the people of Iraq last night rose up against more than two decades of repression.

- The Daily Telegraph

JUBILANT IRAQIS celebrated liberation this afternoon as triumphant US tanks and soldiers poured into the heart of Baghdad, after Saddam Hussein's regime melted away overnight.

- The Independent

SIX DAYS after the "liberation" of Najaf, Iraqis of all ages continue to pack the corridors of Saddam Hussein General Hospital.

- The Arab News

UPDATE. The Arab News has woken up:

US FORCES toppled a giant statue of President Saddam Hussein in the heart of the capital yesterday as Iraqis celebrated the humiliating collapse of his 24-year rule. Cheering ecstatically, a crowd of Iraqis danced and trampled on the fallen six-meter high metal statue in contempt for the man who had held them in fear for so long amid the final throes of the three-week war.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 10, 2003 08:59 AM