April 09, 2003

MEANWHILE, in Carmen Lawrence's version

MEANWHILE, in Carmen Lawrence's version of Australia:

So many people have all but stopped watching and listening to the incessant, if sanitised, coverage of the war. They've turned off the "militainment". They're not ringing or writing to their MPs. They've cut back their consumption to the necessities of life and zipped their purses. They're bunkered down like the poor wretches in Baghdad, many with their fingers in their ears and their eyes covered. It's as if they have decided to change the subject, to avert their eyes, pull the curtains and mind their own business.

Soory forr all th sppelkling miustakes. I can;t see teh keyborad annd I",m typping tfhis with myi ellkbows.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 9, 2003 06:42 PM