April 09, 2003

KEL DUMMETT - great name

KEL DUMMETT - great name - argues in this letter to The Age that Australia should let Israeli civilians be bombed because that will keep terrorists happy and then they'll leave us alone:

How could you guarantee that Australia would become a pre-eminent terrorist target after this war? Answer: use our military to protect Israel.

That, it emerges, is exactly what our SAS force's main task has been - obviously allocated by the sheriff. And while Australian defence officials have been shy about telling us and the world about this - they obviously know the consequences - not so the sheriff. Our good ol' American buddies announced it to the world at one of their recent press briefings in Qatar.

Yep, those Aussie SAS boys are darn good fighters, we were told patronisingly - they've been protecting the Israelis from Iraqi missile attack.

Kel Dummett, Thornbury

Let's take it a step further - to fully ensure Australia's friendly relations with terrorists, why don't we launch an attack on Israel ourselves? To hell with this "protecting innocent people" crap.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 9, 2003 10:57 AM