April 09, 2003

IMRE SALUSINSZKY in today's Australian:

IMRE SALUSINSZKY in today's Australian:

As intellectuals have found themselves marginalised, critique has morphed into disgust at the habits and values of ordinary people - a disgust reflected in the title of a "progressive" tract such as Michael Moore's Stupid White Men - and has been accompanied by a wholesale rejection of the habits and values of the open society.

And rejection of any of their number who aren't reflexively anti-Western. The Age's Pamela Bone has received death threats for supporting Saddam's removal. Imre identifies a way to avoid intellectual leftoid wrath:

A friend who teaches at an Australian university recently told me it was easy to be pro-war in his department. When he sits in the tearoom, harrumphing over his copy of The Australian and making remarks like, "No defeat or punishment is too severe for this monster," his colleagues simply assume he's talking about Dubya and nod approvingly.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 9, 2003 10:35 AM