April 09, 2003


THE ARAB STREET REACTS. Quotes from an AP piece:

"How can we know this is for real and not just coalition propaganda?"

"It is a psychological war. If it is true then it is only a military strategy, to lure the American forces into a trap."

"The Americans can never stay in Baghdad. Baghdad is noble Arab land."

"If the allied forces occupy Iraq, it would signal the beginning of a liberation war against the colonialists."

"Where is your army Saddam?"

"These Americans are relying on false propaganda!"

"Sahhaf said they were not yet in Baghdad, didn't you hear him? The Americans have been lying a lot since the beginning of this campaign so I don't believe them."

"I thought some of the fiercest fighting was supposed to take place in Baghdad. Where are the Republican Guards?"

Wake up and smell the depleted uranium, Hassan. This deal is done.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 9, 2003 01:15 AM