April 08, 2003

MEDIA WATCH is appalled by

MEDIA WATCH is appalled by Miranda Devine's callous language:

That war can brutalise those left behind is an old lesson of history and we're getting worried about The Sydney Morning Herald's Miranda Devine, who's starting to write about humans as vermin:

'Better to bring [war] on now, at a time of our choosing, with all the cockroaches gathered for a showdown out in the open in Iraq, rather than cower at home '

- Sydney Morning Herald, 3 April 2003

Where would lovely Miranda ever have learned such a dreadful slur? I know; from Media Watch! Here's what the program had to say about radio announcers involved in the cash for comment scandal of '99:

Legally, Lawsie and the rest of the big brand names in broadcasting are probably on safe, if squishy, ground.

But now at least the light has been turned on - to catch the cockroaches scrabbling for cover.

Obviously in Media Watch's universe it's a greater crime to receive undeclared commercial payments than it is to pay families of suicide bombers, wage war against your own people, seek to acquire weapons capable of terrorising distant countries and otherwise plot the destruction of the west.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 8, 2003 01:10 PM