April 07, 2003

MIKE GERHARDT, an American in

MIKE GERHARDT, an American in Japan, encounters pro-war opinion at a Suwa cafe:

I was in the small town of Suwa on Sunday, and had lunch with friends at a cafe owned by an Iranian man. The coffee was good and the chicken curry with flat bread was excellent. We lingered over our coffees, visiting and occasionally chatting with the owner who of course asked where we were from because that's just what you do here when you see other non-Japanese. Three of us are from America, one is Canadian. When it came time to leave, we each paid individually and I was the last to pay. As he said goodbye, the owner added - quietly and with a pleasant smile on his face, "Please kill Saddam Hussein."

Also at Mike's site: this explanation of the war for Japanese children. Shoot the sun!

Posted by Tim Blair at April 7, 2003 06:34 PM