April 07, 2003

LAST MONTH Juan Pablo Montoya

LAST MONTH Juan Pablo Montoya held a competition for schoolchildren in his native Colombia to draw a helmet design for today's Brazilian Grand Prix. Here's the winning entry, by a young schoolgirl. And here's Montoya in his Williams F1 at Brazil, wearing her design.

Cool. The helmet will be auctioned after the race, to raise money for Colombian charities. Australia's Mark Webber, incidentally, has qualified third - the highest qualifying spot for an Australian since Alan Jones put his Williams on the front row at Las Vegas 22 years ago.

Happy omen alert: Jones won that race, his final victory in F1. Bizarre Vegas recollection: after the '81 race Jones was interviewed by Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret, then goofing around as an F1 writer. Thatcher to Jones: "Were tyres a crucial factor today?" Jones to Thatcher: "Yeah. They kept the car from scraping on the track."

Posted by Tim Blair at April 7, 2003 01:01 AM