April 05, 2003

'ERE, YOUNG OODAY, go down

'ERE, YOUNG OODAY, go down to village well and fetch us a pail of anthrax. There's a good lad:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's son Uday speaks English with a Yorkshire accent, and was a happy young student, his British former teacher told Newsweek magazine.

UPDATE. Paul Zrimsek provides the required Monty Python sketch:

"Plastic shredders? We used to *dream* of 'aving plastic shredders. When I were a lad, we 'ad to get oop at three o'clock in t'morning and work 27-hour day at secret police headquarters, rending dissidents with ordinary garden rake. But tell that to yer yoong war protestors today, and they won't believe you.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 5, 2003 03:58 PM