April 05, 2003

THE BLOG LIVES! Apologies to

THE BLOG LIVES! Apologies to regular readers for the complete absence of posts since April 1. A meltdown at Blogger HQ rendered this site (and many others) inoperable.

Thankfully, Big John Little at Blogs of War was kind enough to offer me a virtual home for the duration. John runs one fine show, and it was a delight to contribute. Posts by me at BoW mention Bianca Jagger, Scott Ritter, Guy Rundle, John Kerry, the Daily Mirror, Tina Brown, the Guardian, a
Basra chocolate vendor, gun laws, John Pilger, Peter FitzSimons, Simon Crean, Miranda Devine, the Baghdad market
bomb disaster, George Jones, Margo Kingston, and stupid protesters.

Thank you again, John, for taking in a homeless blogger who was down on his luck. Now, let's continue with the mayhem!

Posted by Tim Blair at April 5, 2003 02:11 PM