April 01, 2003

SOCIALIST ALLIANCE, the urine-borne pathogen

SOCIALIST ALLIANCE, the urine-borne pathogen driving Australia's anti-war movement, is demanding a massive attendance at the coming round of "peace" rallies:

This will confirm to the vast majority of Australians that the Howard government is totally isolated and illegitimate and must fall.

If this plan is implemented the people would almost certainly vote the Coalition out and install a Labor government.

Socialists love their plans. Too bad they never work. This latest plan is particularly brilliant, as the very result it seeks is being destroyed by the plan itself:

Simon Crean's approval rating has plummeted to a record low and Labor's support has slumped to a disastrous level that would see the ALP lose up to 18 seats if a federal election were held now.

And voter dissatisfaction has touched 60 per cent for the first time, marking Mr Crean as one of the most unpopular Opposition leaders in years.

John Howard's standing as preferred prime minister has returned to a record high, opening up a 45 per cent gap 62 per cent to 17 per cent over his embattled rival.

Keep on planning, babies.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 1, 2003 02:13 AM