April 01, 2003

THE ANTI-WAR movement in France

THE ANTI-WAR movement in France isn't anti-war, reports the International Herald Tribune:

French Arab teenagers from the poor suburbs chanted slogans pledging war and martyrdom in the name of both Palestinians and Iraqis and against Israel. We are all Palestinians, we are all Iraqis, we are all kamikazes chanted one group, no older than 14 or 15, from the suburb of Garges-les-Gonesse. Others chanted We are all martyrs! Allahu Akbar! God is more powerful than the United States.

Both boys and girls wore the Palestinian scarf known as the kaffiyeh. One Moroccan-born man stepped on an image of the Israeli flag. Another French Arab pointed to a group of protesters from a Jewish student association and said: They are targets. They are not welcome here, because of what they did to our Palestinian brothers.

Banners at recent demonstrations have shown the Star of David intertwined with the Nazi swastika.

All of this leads the IHT to decide:

The anti-war movement in France has turned anti-Israeli.

Journalists are clever.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 1, 2003 12:00 AM