March 29, 2003


COMEDIAN ALEXEI SAYLE is the latest columnist to attempt the "psychoanalyse George W. Bush" routine. Snore. Sayle covers the usual ground - except for his incorrect claim that Bush has admitted being an abusive user of cocaine, and the following, in which Sayle puts the whole United States on the couch:

If we look at the nation that President Bush leads, it also behaves in many ways like an addict. The United States is a gigantic John Candy of a country, straining its oversized elasticated pants from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The country is addicted to more or less everything, constantly craving greater and greater quantities of petrol, electricity, pointless sports, empty patriotism, fatty hormone-crammed meat, gigantic pedestrian-crushing four-wheel drive trucks, ever more baseball caps with nonsense written on them and unquestioning obedience from every nation on the planet.

John Candy was Canadian.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 29, 2003 05:37 PM