March 28, 2003


AUSTRALIAN PEACE PROTESTERS are exploiting Muslim kids:

Organisers of a violent anti-war rally specifically enlisted Muslim students from southwest Sydney to tap into the passions in the local Arab community against the war on Iraq.

National co-ordinator Kylie Moon, 24, said students from schools with large Muslim populations were sent emails and leaflets urging them to attend the rally.

"The Middle-Eastern kids are more passionate about this issue. They relate to it much more strongly," she said.

"They all see (Arab satellite TV network) Al Jazeera and see much more detailed footage of what's going on so they are very angry.

"We gave them an avenue to express their anger, that's not irresponsible. Police need to come with a more sensitive attitude to these sorts of kids."

How "sensitive" is it to incite teenagers then deploy them in the front lines of demonstrations?

Naturally, Kylie Moon is a member of the lunar left. Here's a song all her Islamist followers can sing the next time Kylie rounds them up to do her dirty work.

UPDATE. Angela Bell sends word that in a TV interview Ms Moon said she'd been an activist for ten years - since she was 14. Man, when her conversion happens, it's going to be like ten million MOABs detonating inside her skull.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 28, 2003 11:32 AM