March 28, 2003


WEDNESDAY'S PEACE PROTEST in Sydney sure was peaceful:

A group of young men, described by police as "Middle Eastern males", created havoc by throwing chairs, rocks, bottles, eggs and golf balls at police and media during several hours of chaos in the CBD.

Police also seized two knives from protesters, one of which fell on to the ground in the midst of a scuffle.

The violent spectacle began at Town Hall and resulted in two police officers and a number of protesters being injured.

At least some of the peaceniks recognised the obvious irony:

While some burned the US flag and then freely admitted they had no idea why, others were dismayed their pro-peace views were being overshadowed by violence.

"Don't you understand this is a peace rally?" one girl screamed as sections of the crowd began to riot.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 28, 2003 12:28 AM