March 26, 2003


TANK CHASERS! A Hutz of leftist Australian lawyers and their commie clients are planning to disgrace themselves, reports Janet Albrechtsen:

Last Thursday, before the first shot had been fired in Iraq, law firm Slater & Gordon warned that their clients would count dead bodies in their pursuit of Prime Minister John Howard and his senior ministers for war crimes.

Most of their clients have been vigorous opponents of Howard. Called the Victorian Peace Network they include the Socialist Party, the Socialist Alternative, the International Socialists Organisation, the Democratic Socialist Party, a selection of unions and student unions.

Scum. Janet closes with this:

While lawyers vie for the spotlight on the international stage, Australia's finest are engaged in other pursuits in the war in Iraq. Writing home to Australia last Christmas one soldier serving overseas wrote: "Australia sleep well. We are keeping watch." Few among us can claim such a fine job description.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 26, 2003 09:29 AM