March 26, 2003


FORMER LABOR LEADER Kim Beazley thinks Tony Blair is right to pursue war in Iraq. So he must think John Howard is also right, yes? Au contraire! As Beazley explains, Howard's case is somehow completely different:

ALEXANDRA KIRK: What about your friend, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, why do you think he's been such a staunch advocate of military action against Iraq, UN-backed or not?

KIM BEAZLEY: I think Tony Blair has been the standout amongst the international leaders engaged in this, for being primarily motivated by a deep moral commitment, a sort of core central direction.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: We could argue that about John Howard as well.

KIM BEAZLEY: No, no you can't. We'll set that to one side. Not at all, not a bit of it, and nor the force and understanding that Blair brings to this subject. I've already explained what I think about John Howard's level of commitment and what motivated that.

No, Blair is infinitely superior a person when it comes to determining the course he ought to go down. He may well have come to the conclusion that's in British interests; my conclusion is that this is not in Australian interests.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: So why would it be not in Australia's interests, but why would it be in British interests?

KIM BEAZLEY: I'm not going to even begin to comment on why you might think it's in British interests, but it's not in Australian interests, because it renders us less secure, because it breaks up coalitions that were important to us in the war on terror.

Beazley's insightful logic is one of the reasons voters are flocking to the federal Labor Party. Well said, Kim.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 26, 2003 12:32 AM