March 25, 2003

MICHAEL MOORE even lies to

MICHAEL MOORE even lies to himself:

In an interview after the show, Moore said he did not hear the jeers. "I was extremely grateful for the response," he said. "I mean, that's not what I saw. I saw the entire place stand up and applaud. I mean, don't report that. Don't say there was a split decision in the hall because five loud people booed. Do your job and tell the truth. This is how this town feels, and the majority of Americans did not support getting into this war."

Interesting that Maximum Mike orders journalists to censor their copy. Sounds a little like that "crushing of dissent" we hear so much about. Hey, did anyone else catch Michael's new word, blurted out in panic as his speech commenced to tank? "Fictition". Dubya himself would be proud.

James Lileks notes another Official Oscars Gibberish Moment:

The announcer flubs a word, and in doing so she birthed a term of surpassing perfection. She was talking about the Holeywud ectors, their deseyah not to seem out of sync with the mood of the times. Two words must have appeared in her brain simultaneously: frivolity and privileged.

And so she said of the actors who declined to appear:

"They fear the ceremony will appear friviledge."

Posted by Tim Blair at March 25, 2003 02:03 PM