March 25, 2003


AUSTRALIAN FORCES UPDATE: SAS troops engaged Iraqi units in western Iraq, reports Brigadier Maurie McNarn:

As we did in Afghanistan we have our own area of operations as we do things in our own particular way.

Our guys won. Earlier, Australian fighter pilots aborted a mission when it seemed civilians would be exposed to excessive danger:

The RAAF F-18 fighter pilots were allocated a target by the coalition forces' command. But as they got closer, the pilots stopped the mission because their intelligence was insufficient to identify the target positively, Brigadier Mike Hannan said.

Meanwhile successful bombing raids continue:

Australian FA-18 Hornet fighter jets led bombing raids on identified targets over Iraq overnight, Defence officials said today.

They confirmed at a media briefing that all Australians fighting in Iraq were safe and well, and still undertaking missions.

Defence spokesman Brigadier Mike Hannan said Australian FA-18 Hornet fighter jets dropped laser-guided 2,000 pound bombs on the targets.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 25, 2003 01:33 AM